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When there's nothing between you and the world, we believe it's at its best.

There is no large bus window. There is no iPhone screen. There were no maps, no walls, and no guidebooks to be found. The broad road and the wind were all that was left. Our bike adventures are guided by this philosophy. Cycling has an appealing simplicity. You begin at A and gradually make your way to B, powered solely by your own legs…and perhaps a Provencal orange cake and a few of extra-strong café au lait. Intrepid-style cycling. It isn’t the Tour de France, so don’t expect it. Coming in first does not earn you any rewards, and wearing lycra bodysuits is certainly not required. These excursions are designed for folks who wish to experience a place rather than just travel through it. Keep moving forward.



Bab ssour  has developed an activity ” Bike Trekking” for the first time in Chefchaouen, for the tourists who are looking for enjoy an adventure around mountains and waterfalls of chefchaouen by bike, accompanied by our monitor who guides and organizes the trail and ready if maintenance is needed.


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